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Our packages start at $25 / pperson and go as high as $100+ / per person, depending on the spirits and production level. It can range from the simple to the more elaborate. And, by simple, we don’t mean “cheap”, but “elegantly simple.”

NOTE: If you are seeking a bartending service to serve wine, beer and simple mixed drinks we can do that, but our specialty is classic & creative cocktails and really elevating the drink experience – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It’s all in the details and some of the top talent in the state.


Tiki Tropical Package

Classic Tiki … fresh juices, homemade syrups, crushed ice. We offer a menu of some classic tiki and tropical cocktails. Phoenix used to have a thriving tiki culture that has wained through the years, we hope to re-invigorate these classics and breathe new life into them.

Examples could include: Mai Tai, Jungle Bird, Scorpion Bowls, Zombie, etc.

Mad Men Package

50’s styled cocktails, martinis in champagne coupes.

Examples could include: Vesper (the James Bond martini), Manhattan, French 75, or just some high end whiskey served over large ice rocks.

Garden to Glass Package

Garden to GlassWhile we like to use as many local ingredients as possible, this package makes special efforts in using all locally grown herbs, citrus and products. It even features a mini bar garden and local ingredients made from local artisans.

Examples may include: Botanical Sugars and Syrups made from local artisan, Terri Nacke of La Belle Terre, AZ Bitters Lab, locally grown herbs from local farms such as Singh Farms.

Build Your Own Cocktail Package

We can build many different types of cocktail stations. (Examples could include: Mojito Station, Margarita Station, Sangria Station) where we supply the tools and ingredients and help guests in this fun, interactive bar where guests can make their own drinks!

Redneck Package

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We can swing with all requests, but we’ll still do it in style!

Examples may include: Pabst Blue Ribbon, canned local beers served in paper bags, American Champagne Margarita (blended grapefruit Margarita made with Miller High Life)

Trash Can Punch, Jello Shots (i.e. Colt 45 Cowboys, Blueberry Martini Diamonds, etc.)

Nightcap Package

We serve up some of the best cordials and nightcaps. Served up in cordial glasses, over extra large ice cubes or in snifters. We also offer a menu of nightcap cocktails.

Cocktail examples: Grasshopper, Espresso Martinis, Cold-Pressed Coffee Cocktail, Pumpkin Steamer, etc.

Champagne Package

This includes a champagne bar with a collection of different champagnes served in antique silver champagne buckets. We will work with you on recommending the perfect champagnes for your event depending on your budget and food being served.

Carbonation Station

We have the newest technology in being able to carbonate cocktails called the Perlini, where we can carbonate drinks ranging from your favorite classics like the Margarita to Martinis.   We can even do non-alcoholic and create fresh, custom sodas like an Elderflower Soda, Cucumber Sodas, etc.

Zero Proof Bars

Just because we are all about cocktails, doesn’t mean we aren’t just as creative with non-alcohol beverages. We can create a gourmet Lemonade Stand, custom non-alcohol sodas and mocktails galore.

Custom Packages


We can work with you on coming up with a package that is specifically designed for your wedding.   It can be created to match the colors or flowers of the event or include something personal from the bride and groom as a way of putting their own personal stamp depending on the budget.


Cocktail Sushi / Edible Cocktails

These are edible cocktail bites that are passed. Think of them as the college jello shot all grown up. Examples may include: Blueberry Opals (diamond-shaped clear gellees with blueberries), Layered Negroni (Square gelee layers of Campari, Gin and Sweet Vermouth), Salted Margarita Gellee (rectangular margarita served alongside a lime wedge and dipped into Maldon Sea Salt.

Berries Jubilee

Bottled (or Bottled, Carbonated) Cocktails

We can also bottle (and even carbonate) cocktails with custom labels. These can be created and made in advance for you to pick up or we can serve them at your event. These are also great souvenirs as a take-away for guests.

Moscow Mule (bottled and carbonated)
Paloma (bottled and carbonated)
French 75 (bottled and carbonated)




We can offer private tastings of spirit collections ranging from tequila to cognac to scotch, led by an expert.

Terroir Tastings

Take a journey into Mexico by walking through a series of tequila and mezcal tastings that are a true reflection of Mexico’s terroir and small Oaxacan villages. You’ll taste everything from tequilas at the highest elevation to mezcals in the most remote regions of Oaxaca.

Take a journey through Scotland where you can taste through a collection of blended, single malts and aged scotches where you can taste the land, the sea and the hills.

Take a journey through America as you taste through some of the best whiskies made here in the US of A from New York to Alabama to Colorado to Portland to here in Arizona!

Cocktail Demo’s

These can include everything from Margaritas to Mojitos to Tiki Cocktails to Garden to Glass. These are great stations to include in larger events where a fun and interactive break is needed. Our roster also includes a great line-up of speakers and experts who do this for a living.

Team Building

We can help organize a team-building exercise ranging from Iron-Chef styled competitions to interactive bars where participants can learn to make their own cocktails with the guidance of an expert.